Commit to Content

Commit to Content

One of the reasons marketing efforts fall short is because of company’s lack of commitment. Whether it is lack of time, funding or talent, the best laid plans for blogs, social media and content marketing can off the rails if you don’t follow through.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, an average of just 20% of marketers responded they were “fully committed” to content marketing.

You may ask what the other 80% are doing. To put it bluntly, there’s a strong chance they are simply wasting everyone’s time and money. Even if they are getting quick hits, that’s very different from being able to achieve – and sustain – long-term benefits.

Look, you either commit to content marketing or you don’t. If you are committed to it, chances are, over time, you’ll succeed. If you don’t commit, you are unlikely to reach as high a level of success.

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Commit to Content

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